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It is my mission to teach women the strategies to negotiate their salary and improve their economic equity.

About Deb

I am a salary negotiation consultant who teaches women how to optimize salary and benefits. I bring to my workshops and individual coaching my broad experience in feminism, teaching, negotiating and career strategies. My career has included teaching Sex Discrimination Law at NYU School of Law and Yale College, Legal Director at NOW Legal Defense Fund (now Legal Momentum), Assistant Dean for Public Service at NYU School of Law, and other nonprofit leadership positions. I have spoken and published widely on women’s rights and public service. I was recognized by the White House in 2011 as a Champion of Change. I am a graduate of Yale College, where I majored in psychology, and NYU School of Law, where I was a Root-Tilden-Kern public service scholar. After graduating from NYU School of Law, I clerked for the late Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., of the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Montgomery, Alabama.

Commitment to Equal Pay

I have long worked for economic equity for women. Early in my career I litigated employment discrimination, insurance discrimination, and sex harassment cases, and worked to ensure that women would be paid the same retirement benefits as men. I also advocated for equal pay and co-wrote “Wage Discrimination and Comparable Worth: A Legal Perspective,” 45 Journal of Social Issues 51 (1989).

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