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It's time to end the pay gap.

What is the pay gap?

What is it?

Large gender pay gaps in business, entertainment, and the media have made headlines. But the gap doesn’t just affect highly paid women. Women working full-time earn, on average, 80 cents to every dollar made by a white man. The gap persists 55 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963.


What causes the gap?

There is no definitive explanation for the gap, but research shows that one reason is that women are less likely to negotiate their salaries. If women don’t negotiate and just accept the salary offered, the resulting lower pay can have a multiplier effect throughout their career, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost pay.


How can you end the gap?

I encourage you to ASK for more when you are offered a job or promotion! To learn about the gap, the research on negotiation, and negotiation strategies, you can listen to my podcast, watch my webinar, or read my advice. 


I offer workshops and individual coaching to help women achieve pay parity.

Individual coaching can teach you effective negotiation strategies tailored to your circumstances. Sessions can be conducted by phone or Skype, or in-person in the NYC metropolitan area. These consultations can help you strategize for salary negotiations, or focus on more general career advice.

My interactive workshops teach women specific strategies for negotiating compensation and other job benefits (e.g., title, flexibility, and resources). Participants increase their negotiating skills by observing and engaging in mock negotiations.

“Deb's salary negotiation workshop  truly impressed me. I have used her strategies with good results, and have also recommended her advice many times to friends and colleagues."


Charlotte Abbott, FutureProof Content Strategy

Meet Deb

I am an advocate for women's economic equity. I am committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve -- and I will help you strategize to achieve all of your career goals. 

I am a graduate of Yale College and New York University School of Law. I have worked as a professor, career counselor, social justice lawyer, and nonprofit leader.

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